Obamacare: Trying to Fix a Problem We Didn’t Have

It started with Schumer, Harkin and Webb. It will very likely grow as more and more Democrats realize that the Affordable Care Act is the political equivalent of the Titanic.

Obamacare’s main problem is it tried to fix problems we never had. It looks like Democrats are realizing that now. They are painfully learning that messing with one sixth of our economy will have lots of consequences, especially unintended ones.

In January, we will have majorities, and I mean bipartisan majorities, ready to start “undoing” the law, as W. James Antle III pointed out:

Come January, majorities in both houses of Congress will favor its repeal. Repealing the individual mandate, the employer mandate and IPAB all have bipartisan support.

The health-care law faces another legal challenge at the Supreme Court. The Halbig case could make Obamacare a very expensive proposition if the justices rule people who bought health insurance from the federal exchange are ineligible for subsidies.