Obamacare Taxpayers Won’t Be Penalized for Coding Error

Taxpayers given the wrong information about their Obamacare subsidies will be able to keep the extra money in their refunds without having to refile their tax forms, a Treasury Department spokesperson said Tuesday.

Approximately 800,000 taxpayers got wrong information about calculating tax subsidies, the Obama administration said last week, while stressing that most Obamacare customers got the right forms, reports The Hill.

The administration asked taxpayers to delay filing their taxes until the correct forms were mailed out in early March, but some 50,000 people already had filed, and it was not clear if they would be forced to refile their forms.

On Tuesday, the Treasury Department announced that people who paid too much in taxes will have an option to file an amended return to get that money refunded, but people who paid too little because of the wrong information will be allowed to keep the extra money coming into their refunds.

Treasury has not said how many people have paid the wrong amounts or how much money is involved.