Obamacare Round Two: What Could Bring Unwanted Deja Vu for the White House

What happens in November will play a major role in shaping President Obama’s final two years in office.

No, it’s not just the 2014 midterm elections that have the White House on edge, but also the return of open enrollment in Obamacare.

After the disastrous rollout of the president’s signature domestic initiative in 2013, the administration needs to avoid the problems that diminished public confidence in the most significant overhaul to the health care system since the creation of Medicare.

The White House believes the technical problems that crashed healthcare.gov will become a distant memory. However, team Obama must worry about much more than just a website.

Here are the top five potential Obamacare headaches looming in November:

1. Price increases

Whether Obamacare absorbs the blame or not, the cost of health insurance is expected to rise next year.

A new analysis by the Health Research Institute at PricewaterhouseCoopers this week estimated premiums on the Obamacare health insurance exchanges would increase by an average of 7.5 percent next year.