Obamacare Price Tag Since 2010: $73 Billion and Counting

An analysis by Bloomberg Government has found that the start up costs for Obamacare “are far greater than anything publicly discussed.” The report shows that the total cost has exceeded $73 billion dollars, with $2 billion alone – and counting – spent on the Obamacare website, healthcare.gov.

Health care analyst Peter Gosselin:

“Whether policymakers and the public judge the $73-billion-plus tab for health reform reasonable or exorbitant may ultimately turn on what’s used as the measuring stick,” wrote senior healthcare analyst Peter Gosselin. 

“Measured against the development costs for the F-35 joint strike fighter [$54.9 billion], the Defense Department’s single most expensive weapons system, the tab for the healthcare effort can seem quite high,” he continued. 

“Measured against the U.S. healthcare industry that the administration seeks to overhaul, however, the costs of the reform effort appear tiny.”