Obamacare Officials Seek to Educate Newly Insured On Care

More than 16 million people have gotten healthcare coverage under Obamacare, either through the health insurance marketplaces or Medicaid. Now administration officials are worried they won’t know how to use it.

The administration started a new campaign that aims to teach the newly insured about preventive actions they can take to stay healthy, said Sylvia Mathews Burwell, secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Burwell, speaking Thursday at an event for the group Enroll America, said the initiative also will involve the White House and surgeon general.

The campaign will hold 50 events across the country in August to focus on the new benefits of health insurance. The events also will help those that have had insurance, Burwell said.

“Let’s face it, understanding our benefits can be confusing for anyone, especially those who have coverage for the first time in our lives,” according to a transcript of Burwell’s remarks.