Obamacare Makes Medical Records Vulnerable to Criminals, Sex Offenders

Do not, absolutely, do not discuss politics and religion in mixed company. It’s the unwritten social code of polite society. Yet, when I’m at a social gathering, that subject always comes up. Even when I try my best to redirect the chit-chat, it boomerangs back to that taboo topic.

Party Guest: Why do you conservatives hate women?

Me: Did you try the dip?

Party Guest: You know, it’s Bush’s fault that health care premiums went up.

Me: You really should try the bruschetta.

It’s like that Youtube video of babies and their shadows. No matter where I turn, or how I to try to shake it, that topic follows me whether I like it or not. This has led to some pretty interesting, if not amusing, conversations. I’ve found that with most liberals, when their own argument has backed them into a corner, they downplay the absurdity of their conclusion. “So what if our taxes are raised? Only greedy people care that their taxes are raised.”