Obamacare Intrudes on the National Pastime

A baseball game might be the last place you’d expect the passage of Obamacare to have a negative impact, but there is no doubt that the outcome of a game in Chicago between the Cubs and San Francisco Giants was historically affected by the ACA.

With the Cubs batting in the bottom of the 5th inning, a torrential downpour occurred, necessitating quick action by the grounds crew to cover the field with the huige tarp.

Unfortunatelly, executives from the front office – without consulting the head groundskeeper – sent 10 of the crew home early. This resulted in a fiasco nearly unprecedented in major league baseball history. The 15 remaining members of the grounds crew struggled to get the tarp to cover the field. The result: When the rain stopped, the field was unplayable. The game was called and the Cubs delcared the winner because the game had become “official” following the top of the 5th.

The Giants lodged an official protest – a pro forma action since no protest had been upheld in 28 years. But the league agreed with the Giants and ordered the game to be resumed the next day (the Cubs eventually won 2-1). The league said the Cubs failed “to properly wrap and spool the tarp after its last use.”