Obamacare Epidemic is Out of Control

Today, I received my corporate based healthcare benefits package in the mail.  Turns out, it’s more ominous and reality-based than the much-hyped Ebola could ever be.

Starting in 2015 my annual out-of-pocket maximum will shoot up another $3,200 to $9,200. Specialty drug copays up 20%; my annual deductible for family coverage doubled and my employer will no longer make contributions to employee Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA’s) as an incentive for staying healthy.

Next, the report says we “can’t guarantee you won’t see any increase in your paycheck deductions.” I will find out what those increases are in November. In 2014 the amount I paid per paycheck for medical insurance doubled from the previous year, so I am not holding out much hope for 2015. For those of us with at least one chronically ill family member, Obamacare is a plague on our households. Beginning in 2015, we will not be able to afford the life-saving drugs, regular CT scans, outpatient diagnostic procedures and inpatient surgeries our sick loved ones depend on.

Why the changes, according to my benefits manager? Obamacare.

“The government will impose a $125 million “Cadillac Tax” on employer plans that are too generous…we had to adjust our plans so that people who use more benefits pay more.”