Obamacare Architect: Ted Kennedy ‘Ripped Off’ Medicaid

Besides speaking candidly about how the American public was fooled into supporting Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, the health law’s architect, has also offered “off the cuff” remarks about a great liberal icon, the late Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy.

In several of Gruber’s lectures, which are available online, the MIT economist walks his audience through the process of how Obamacare came into being.

The story begins in Massachusetts where Gruber helped create the state’s universal health law, now known as Romneycare.

“We had a pretty powerful senator you may have heard of named Ted Kennedy,” Gruber said during an event at Simmons College in February. ”Ted Kennedy had managed to figure out a way to rip off the federal Medicaid program to the tune of about $500 million a year through a series of strange manipulations.

“Here was Mitt Romney’s dirty little secret that we don’t like to talk about in Massachusetts, which is the way we passed our law is the federal government paid for it.