Obama, UN Pushing Radical LGBT/Abortion Agenda for Sustainable Development Summit

One hundred-fifty presidents, prime ministers, dictators, and other heads of state are coming. Pope Francis is coming. Thousands of journalists, diplomats, and NGO activists are coming. The United Nations Sustainable Development Summit, to be held September 25-27, at the UN headquarters in New York City, is set to become one of the global body’s biggest confabs ever. In addition to promoting global-warming fears and the UN’s Paris Summit on Climate Change in December, as well as global taxation, education, and environmental goals, the upcoming September gathering will undoubtedly be used as a springboard to impose more population control, abortion, and homosexual/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered “rights” on developing countries that are resisting the “enlightened” perversion of the United Nations and its powerful supporters in the post-Christian governments of the United States and the European Union

Despite huge media and diplomatic pressure to formally include LBGT rights, abortion, and other “sexual and reproductive rights” in the Sustainable Development Goals, the final outcome document approved by the UN General Assembly on September 1 left these items out. This was due to the insistence of an alliance of African, Latin American, and Arab nations, together with the Vatican, which had refused to cave in on these issues during the last three years of contentious negotiations.

In announcing the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon praised them as a “turning point” and “the start of a new era.” However, the Obama State Department expressed disappointment, stating, “We believe that we could have gone farther and broken new ground. We instead relied on agreed language.”