Obama Tries to Take Credit for Beating Ebola

President Obama was in full self-congratulatory mode last week, patting himself aggressively on the back for wiping out ebola and doing what had to be done even as the doubting Toms doubted.

From remarks at the White House:

Last summer, as Ebola spread in West Africa, overwhelming public health systems and threatening to cross more borders, I said that fighting this disease had to be more than a national security priority, but an example of American leadership. After all, whenever and wherever a disaster or a disease strikes, the world looks to us to lead. And because of extraordinary people like the ones standing behind me, and many who are in the audience, we have risen to the challenge.

Now, remember, there was no small amount of skepticism about our chances. People were understandably afraid, and, if we’re honest, some stoked those fears. But we believed that if we made policy based not on fear, but on sound science and good judgment, America could lead an effective global response while keeping the American people safe, and we could turn the tide of the epidemic.

Actually, Obama, distracted from important tasks as usual, was late when it counted, as I pointed out in September. As the Washington Post confirmed in an ebola effort post-mortem last month, our leader and his white horse rode up to save the day after the day had already been saved.