Obama to Congress: Your Bill Would Harm Our Education System

President Obama used his weekly radio address to warn that the Republican rewrite of the the long-expired “No Child Left Behind Act” would increase the number of kids stranded in failing schools.

“I want to work with both parties in Congress to replace No Child Left Behind with a smarter law that addresses the overuse of standardized tests, makes a real investment in preschool, and gives every kid a fair shot in the new economy,” Obama said. “It’s pretty commonsense that an education bill should actually improve education. But as we speak, there’s a Republican bill in Congress that would frankly do the opposite.”

This week, the House Committee on Education passed its rewrite of the controversial 2002 bill out of committee and on to the House floor for a full vote the week of Feb. 24.

Under the new bill, which was voted out of committee along party lines, states would have more control over how to test their students. The bill would strip much of the federal government’s ability to conduct oversight of the standardized testing, and would allow parents to use Title I funding to move their child from a low-performing school to either another public school or charter school of their choice.