Obama Threatens to Veto Bill on D.C. Abortion Coverage Law

The White House is threatening to veto a measure aimed at striking down a Washington, D.C., law that bans employers from discriminating against employees because of their reproductive healthcare choices.

Conservative House Republicans believe the legislation, which the D.C. City Council passed back in December, violates religious freedom by forcing all businesses to cover abortions in their health plans — even pro-life organizations.

Proponents of the law says it adds reproductive health decisions to the list of employment non-discrimination protections under the basis of sex, which previously included pregnancy, childbirth, related medical conditions and breastfeeding.

“By taking away this newly added protection, [the GOP bill] would undermine the reproductive freedom and private health care decisions of the citizens of the District of Columbia,” the White House said in a statement. “This legislation would give employers cover to fire employees for the personal decisions they make about birth control and their reproductive health.”