Obama: Let’s Face It, Obamacare is Blowing Away Expectations

Yesterday marked the five year anniversary of Obamacare, a bad law that ought to be repealed. Its defenders jump through hoops to declare it a “success,” ignoring empirical data while dragging goalposts for miles, hoping that Americans will forget the central promises upon which it was sold and rammed through Congress. In the positive column, the law does appear to have reduced the ranks of the uninsured in America, including a significant number of previously-uninsurable people. Of course, when you pass a law that requires people to obtain insurance, touting the fact that millions of people ended up abiding by your mandate is pretty weak. Also, the majority of those “newly insured” through the exchanges previously had coverage. On the other side of the ledger, Obamacare has failed to substantially reduce all Americans’ premiums (they’ve gone up for the vast majority of people, with the worst yet to come), it has substantially increased health costs for tens of millions (out of pocket costs are astronomical for many), it has stripped people of their preferred plans and doctors, it has exacerbated primary care doctor shortages, it has inflicted “access shock” upon consumers, it has increased the government’s healthcare tab, it has impeded economic growth, it has hurt employment, and polls show that it has actively harmed many more people than it’s helped. Those are facts (click through for tons of citations), and they constitute major failures — far beyond the infamous and costly roll-out debacle, the repercussions of which are still being felt to this day. And yet, President Obama has smirkingly pronounced his signature law a success beyond his wildest dreams, ludicrously claiming that every prediction critics made has been proven wrong: