Obama ‘Impatient’ on Racial Progress in US

President Obama said in an interview airing Sunday on CNN there was “no doubt” that he moved “back and forth between the racial divides” because of his unique, multiracial background.

“Not just black-white, but Asian and Latino and, you know, I’ve got a lot of cultural influences,” Obama said on “State of the Union.” “I think what it does do for me is to recognize that most Americans have good intentions.”

In the interview, taped before Saturday’s killing of two New York City police officers, Obama said his upbringing made him “mindful of the fact that there’s misunderstanding, there’s mistrust and there are biases both overt and sometimes hidden that operate in ways that disadvantage minority communities.”

“There’s a long legacy in this country that has gotten enormously better, but is still there. And when you look at what’s happened in law enforcement across the country over the last several years —that’s not news to African-Americans,” he continued. “What’s different is simply that some of it’s now videotaped and people see it.”

Obama said he was “impatient” that more progress had not been made on issues of race, but that he rejected the notion “America is inherently and irreducibly racist.”