Obama Feels “Incredibly Strongly” About Illegal Aliens Getting Obamacare

Remember when Joe Wilson interrupted Obama’s healthcare speech in Congress and yelled out, “You lie”. Obama had just promised that illegal aliens wouldn’t be eligible for Obamacare. During the same speech Obama said there weren’t death panels and we wouldn’t pay for abortions. All were lies as Joe Wilson indicated.

The Washington Examiner reported a couple days ago that on November 11th, HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell told Latino bloggers in an online chat that Barack Obama wants illegal aliens to get Obamacare. That should come as no surprise. Everything about Obamacare was a lie.

Burwell was asked if Dreamers and mixed families (illegals and legals in one family) would receive benefits. She said Dreamers don’t get it yet but she made it clear that she wants that to change and the administration feels “incredibly strongly” about that.

Where they think we will get the money for this is unclear.

She said that families with illegal members are welcome to receive benefits.

 “Mixed families should come, they should seek and try, go on the site, they’ll find out they can get financial assistance,” Burwell said. “They may be eligible for different programs for their children or themselves.”

This administration is incredibly generous with other peoples’ money.

She reminded them no one in government will ask applicants if they are legal or not.

“Everyone should come on, and folks should not be scared,” Burwell said. “No questions will be asked, and it is not about an immigration issue.”