Obama: Critics Should ‘Embrace Reality’ on Obamacare’s 5th Anniversary

One day before the five-year anniversary of passage of the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama proclaimed late Sunday that his signature healthcare legislation a success and its critics should “embrace reality.”

In a statement released on WhiteHouse.gov, Obama said, “This law is working, and in many ways, it’s working even better than anticipated.”

The president signed Obamacare into law on March 23, 2010.

The law has undergone “more scrutiny, more rumor, more attempts to dismantle and undermine it than just about any law in recent history,” Obama admitted.

But he had a word for Republicans still working to repeal and replace the controversial law.

“It’s time to embrace reality. Instead of trying yet again to repeal the Affordable Care Act and allowing special interests to write their own rules, we should work together to keep improving our healthcare system for everybody,” he said. “Instead of kicking millions off their insurance and doubling the number of uninsured Americans, as the House Republican budget would do, we should work together to make sure every American has a chance to get covered.”