Obama Brings His Climate Plan to Your House

Saying this is “not the time to pull back” on renewable energy, President Obama on Monday challenged conservative groups and Republicans who have sought to limit his climate-change agenda.

In a speech at a Las Vegas clean-energy summit hosted by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Obama emphasized the growth of the renewable-energy industry down to the household level and its role in meeting his administration’s climate-change goals. And he had a message for Republicans who have fought his energy agenda: Clean power is here to stay.

“We refuse to surrender the hope of a clean-energy future to those who fight against it,” Obama said at Reid’s National Clean Energy Summit.

Obama highlighted the efforts that private companies and even some utilities, like Southern Company, have made to invest in renewable energy or allow homeowners to go green, measures that have helped bring down the cost of wind and solar and make it more competitive with fossil fuels.