Obama Assigns West African Flights to 5 US Airports

Republicans on Tuesday slammed the latest travel restrictions by the Obama administration during the Ebola crisis, with Pennsylvania Rep. Tom Marino telling Newsmax that he hoped President Barack Obama was “not using this new half-measure as a way to avoid admitting that a ban would work.

“I am not sure why the implementation of a sensible travel and visa ban is taking so long,” said Marino, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee. “It is a reasonable and prudent approach.

“Then again,” he added, “the exact motives and justifications from this administration are all too often makeshift and superficial.”

Texas Rep. Pete Sessions not only intensified his call for a full West Africa travel ban, but said the White House needed to rescind the 13,000 visas that have been issued to people in the Ebola-stricken area.

“While I’m encouraged by the administration’s efforts to implement new airport restrictions, simply rerouting flights is not a comprehensive solution that will put an end to this crisis,” Sessions told Newsmax. “In order to effectively protect Americans from this disease, we must isolate the problem and thoroughly screen all American travelers coming from these countries.”