Obama Announces Next Steps for Obamacare

President Obama will mark his healthcare law’s fifth birthday partly by talking about what it hasn’t accomplished.

In a speech Wednesday commemorating his signature domestic achievement, the president will also talk about what he’d like to see happen next with health reform, White House officials said.

That involves improving quality in the U.S. healthcare system so that doctors are encouraged to spend more time with their patients, focus on preventing diseases in the first place, coordinate with their patients’ other caregivers and cut down on unnecessary tests and procedures.

Towards that end, Obama will announce a network of consumer groups, hospitals, doctors, employers and insurers the administration is dubbing the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network.

Officials said Tuesday that more than 2,800 groups are “interested” in joining the network, which will involve the groups making specific commitments that promote healthcare quality, like incentivizing doctors to spend more time with patients or improving communication between specialists and primary care doctors.