Obama Administration Urges Veterans To Sign Up for Obamacare

The Obama administration is encouraging military veterans to sign up for Obamacare as it pulls out all the stops to maximize enrollment ahead of the March 31 deadline.

The Department of Veterans Affairs sent veterans and other Americans in its database a seven-page color brochure titled “The Affordable Care Act: For Veterans Who Need Health Care Coverage,” with a letter dated March 7 that appears addressed to individuals who don’t use VA health insurance. The packet urges them to enroll in either VA coverage or Obamacare to ensure that they meet the federal mandate to carry health insurance or pay a fine.

A VA spokesman told the Washington Examiner that the department estimates that up to 1.3 million veterans are uninsured, about 1 million of whom are eligible for VA health care. The spokesman did not dispute that the VA also is seeking to encourage uninsured veterans to consider Obamacare as a health insurance option. The VA is collaborating with other departments on the implementation of Obamacare, the spokesman said.