NSA Aims to ID People By Their Smartphone Keystrokes

What the nation’s spy agency wants: a smartphone that recognizes your finger stroke – and Lockheed Martin says its “Mandrake” system is just what the National Security Agency is looking for, according to NextGov.com.

Lockheed’s mobile device feature verifies a user’s identity based on the swiftness and shape of the individual’s finger strokes on a touch screen, a handwriting-motion recognition system with roots in the Air Force known as “dynamic signature” biometrics.

“Nobody else has the same strokes,” John Mears, senior fellow for Lockheed IT and Security Solutions, tells NextGov.com. “People can forge your handwriting in two dimensions, but they couldn’t forge it in three or four dimensions.”

Mears explains that in addition to the two dimensions on paper, the third dimension is pressure and the fourth is time.

“The most advanced handwriting-type authentication tracks you in four dimensions,” he tells NextGov.