Now that We Won the Senate: Dump Obamacare!

The mainstream media is pretending that the public likes Obamacare and that nothing will happen to it now that we won the Senate. But that is simply not true. As the editors at the National Review have pointed out, Obamacare is “Unpopular as Ever.”

The Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll found in July that 53 percent of people viewed the Affordable Care Act unfavorably. Those numbers appear to be holding. A poll released by Rasmussen on Monday found that 52 percent expect the American health-care system to worsen under Obamacare. Even before October’s anti-Obamacare ad siege, Obamacare was among the top four issues in the minds of likely voters, according to an AP-GfK poll released on October 1. The Democratic polling firm Democracy Corps, reporting in early October, found the same result among voters who had already committed to a candidate. No wonder that even as Democrats tout Obamacare’s popularity, they have furtively rigged its deadlines so that some of the law’s worst features will not take effect until after the election.