North Carolina Senate Passed Bill Nullifying EPA Regulations on Wood-Burning Stoves

Fresh on the heels of its effort to thwart federal attempts to disarm civilians, the North Carolina legislature is trying to arrest the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) larceny of liberty, as well.

Senate Bill 303 would permit North Carolina to refuse to enforce recently promulgated EPA regulations restricting the use of wood-burning stoves for heat.

“The EPA has drafted over 300 pages of regulations for wood stoves and heaters,” said state senator Chad Barefoot, as quoted in a story posted by news station WRAL. Barefoot added, according to the WRAL piece, that “in many western North Carolina counties have large populations that rely on wood stoves for heat.”

State senator Ralph Hise echoed Barefoot’s criticism of the burn-banning bureaucrats. ”This is the point where the EPA has really hopped on the crazy train,” he said.

“No longer is the state going to be on autopilot for what the EPA is cramming down upon us,” Barefoot said.