New York Times: Obama ‘Angry’ Over Ebola Response

On the surface, even in his weekly address Saturday, President Barack Obama is urging calm when it comes to the Ebola crisis, but people behind the scenes say that he is becoming more frustrated and even angry with how his administration has been handling the United States’ response.

For example, during his cabinet meeting on Wednesday, people briefed on the event said he was angry about medical information that was turning out to be wrong, including how to categorize Ebola patients, reports The New York Times.

Obama reportedly complained that the response, particularly from the Centers for Disease Control, was “not tight.”

The president is caught in a tough place, as he must pull together the response without adding to the panic over Ebola, which has been growing steadily since the death of Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan in a Dallas hospital and the infections of two nurses, Nina Pham and Amber Vinson, who cared for him.