New York City to Ban Plastic Foam Containers

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Thursday the city will ban plastic foam containers from use starting July 1.

The ban was first proposed by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg last year. According to the Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg’s idea will become a reality this summer.

Sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia told the Times the ban came after the city studied whether disposable cups, trays, and containers were biodegradable. Turns out they are not, and the ban was enacted.

“We want to be able to make [a] change in New York City to make us more resilient and more sustainable,” Garcia told The Times. “We really need to identify things that there are alternatives for that are environmentally sound, and rid ourselves of those materials that are not recyclable and will not have a future life.”

The Times reported that New Yorkers discarded 28,000 tons of plastic foam waste last year.