New Regs for Wednesday: EPA Unveils New Grain Elevator Standards

Wednesday’s edition of the Federal Register includes 204 new regulations, proposed rules, notices and other administrative actions at the agencies.

Some highlights:

Air Quality: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is updating decades-old emissions standards for grain elevators, and is rejecting an industry bid to repeal certain provisions of existing regulations.

The current standards, issued in 1978 and last revisited in 1984, were subject to an eight-year review required by the Clean Air Act. The study, meant to ensure that grain elevators are achieving the “best system of emission reduction” also responds to an industry petition requesting that that the EPA do away with certain existing rules.

That request cited President Obama’s directive ordering agencies to identify needlessly burdensome or redundant rules that could be streamlined or repealed altogether.

The EPA, however, disagreed that portions of existing grain elevator regulations — specifically a section of the rule known as subpart DD — fit the bill.

“Based on the results of these analyses, the EPA concluded that subpart DD is still effective, relevant and not excessively burdensome,” the agency concluded.