New Obamacare Report Vindicates Cancer Patient Attacked as Liar

Regular readers will recall the story of Julie Boonstra, a single mother of two who has been fighting Leukemia. After her existing health insurance plan was cancelled under Obamacare, Boonstra decided to take her story public in a television ad critical of Michigan Democrats’ candidate in the upcoming US Senate election. Rep. Gary Peters’ lawyers urged television stations to censor the ad, citing a Washington Post fact-check that slapped it with “two Pinocchios.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid specifically called Boonstra out in the most infamous of of his many floor speeches hammering the conservative Koch brothers (Reid is fond of billionaire donors, just don’t conservative ones). We responded to these attacks on Boonstra’s credibility, explaining that her story checked out, and that she had every right to air her grievances against a law that had betrayed several key promises on which she’d been counting:

Though Boonstra’s premiums have dropped under her new plan, she views its new and unpredictable out-of-pocket costs as a financial burden that she is unable to bear. One MSM fact-checker determined that those cross-currents might even out over time — a hypothetical outcome that’s a far cry from Democrats’ promise of substantially lower rates. Plus, Boonstra was denied the ability to keep a plan with which she was fully satisfied, a glaring betrayal that must be particularly frightening for a cancer patient.

She never claimed that her new premiums were higher (as they are, and will continue to be, for millions of other Americans); she cited out-of-pocket costs as the source of her newfound affordability hardship.