New Obamacare Privacy Threats Loom Large

In September 2013, President Obama spoke to a crowd at Prince George’s Community College in Maryland about the upcoming launch of Obamacare’s first enrollment season, saying that “Like any big product launch, there’s going to be some glitches as this thing unfolds.”

As it turns out, a Washington bureaucrat’s “glitch” is the average American’s privacy nightmare. Let’s recap:

Last fall, we learned that, the web portal for Obamacare’s federal exchanges, was successfully hacked. Making the situation even more disturbing was the fact that the federal government did not notice the cyberattack until weeks after it occurred.

Later the same month, the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office warned of security weaknesses in the website that posed “significant risks of unauthorized access, use … and disruption.” The agency made six specific recommendations to address these concerns. Nearly a year later, the status of each action item is still listed as “open” — meaning GAO has yet to confirm that the Obama administration has acted on its recommendations.