New Legislation Adds Momentum to Cadillac-Tax Repeal

Republican Sen. Dean Heller will introduce legislation to repeal Obamacare’s so-called Cadillac tax after Congress resumes, National Journal has learned, and the fight to get rid of the tax will begin in the Senate.

For once, Republicans are not alone in calling for a repeal of a piece of the Affordable Care Act. The tax on high-cost health care plans that goes into effect in 2018 is the subject of plenty of chatter within both parties, and dozens of groups off the Hill are lobbying to make sure it stays that way.

But the vicious politics surrounding Obamacare will complicate any effort to get a repeal across the finish line.

“Republicans want to, by and large, keep up a front against the Affordable Care Act, and Democrats are reluctant to admit there are some problems,” said Timothy Jost, a law professor at Washington and Lee University who is generally supportive of the ACA.

That’s the simple version of a political drama with several layers, which will start to unfold when Congress ends.