New Cure for Racial Violence in Minneapolis: Crack Down on the Victims.

Police in Minneapolis have discovered a new way to fight the wave of black violence and mayhem that is now an every day fact of life in their city: Blame the white victims for drinking too much.

Why not: Nothing else has worked.

First, Minneapolis police tried ignoring the problem. But dozens of victims, videos, witnesses, police reports and 911 calls made that impossible.

Then they tried denying it: A spokesman for Minneapolis police department told me that race has nothing to do with anything involving crime and anyone who thinks differently is a bad person.

That lasted about as long as it took to go the Minneapolis Police Department web site and see all the special programs for “protected” minorities.

Then they tried the well-worn bluster of the “we are not going to take it anymore” approach. But the only ones caught up in that fake outrage were two Minneapolis cops who were attacked last year in Green Bay by a black mob. After local police refused to make an arrest, the visiting Minneapolis law enforcement officers called the Green Bay cops a “clown show,” and also offered a few choice racial epithets for the group of 10 black people who attacked them.

Referring to the alternative sexual lifestyle of the Minneapolis chief of police probably did not help either. They got fired.