New Cable TV Show ‘Sex Box’ Draws Outrage

In just one week, “Sex Box,” a television show in which couples, both gay and straight, have sex on air inside a blue, opaque, soundproof box, and then discuss their experience with a panel of “experts,” will premiere on the WE tv network.

And the Parents Television Council (PTC) is not happy about it.

Thousands of outraged Americans have signed a petition the PTC has sponsored, the Christian Post reports, which states, “On Feb. 27, the WE network will televise real-life couples having sex for a national television audience.

“This new reality show far exceeds the limits of decency when its participants enter a soundproof box on stage, have sex, and then discuss their ‘intimacy issues’ with a panel of so-called experts.

“Sex Box should never see the light of day.”

The petition states, “I demand that ‘Sex Box’ be removed from the American television lineup. As a concerned citizen, I expect that television networks, cable providers and advertisers will hold themselves to a high standard of decency and I do not support such outrageous, disgraceful content on television.”