MSNBC Reports: The State of Abortion in Texas: “Go to Mexico – Or Stay Pregnant”

MSNBC’s Irin Carmon wants you to know that Texas women are “running out of options” when it comes to their unplanned pregnancies:

The combined crackdown by state and local authorities in Texas has done more than make it harder for the women of the Valley to get an abortion. They’re now having trouble getting any reproductive health care at all, since the same state legislature that shuttered the abortion clinics also slashed family planning funds and closed family planning providers. And Texas’ refusal to expand Medicaid means its distinction as the uninsured capital of the United States isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, making the state’s broader health care crisis even worse.

At la pulga, a woman whose stall had just barely survived the raid had one more idea for obtaining abortion pills.

“Go to Mexico,” she said. “Go to Mexico – or stay pregnant.”