Mother Commits Child Abuse By Giving Her Son Estrogen

Many women are afraid to take estrogen during menopause because of the well-documented cancer risk. But one woman is being applauded on social media for giving her son estrogen so he can live his childhood fantasy of being a girl.

The poor boy in the video is going to go through life with artificially induced breasts… and a penis. No woman is going to want him. His only chance for companionship will be through anal sex with men. He will go through life scaring girls in locker rooms and alienating, and being alienated, from society. And that’s the best case scenario, if he doesn’t get cancer.

Many children feel that they wanted to be born taller or shorter or blonder or with a different nose or whatever, but it’s a phase they grow out of, especially if their parents don’t encourage them in their fantasies. Instead of trying to help this poor boy accept the fact that he is a boy, a fate that three billion or more people seem to cope quite well with, she enabled his fantasy and helped him on the road to a life of misery, and through this video, encouraging others to do so as well.