More Young People Signing Up for Obamacare

Young people gave Obamacare an early Christmas present Tuesday.

The Obama administration said about 8.2 million have signed up for Obamacare through the federal-run, which is used by 38 states. Nestled in the signup data is a key finding that more people under 35 are signing up this open enrollment season than last time.

About 2.1 million people under 35 have enrolled, compared with 1.1 million in last year’s open enrollment.

Adults under 35 composed about 35 percent of consumers as of the deadline to get coverage by Jan. 1. That is slightly more than the 33 percent before the deadline for last open enrollment in 2014.

The additional signups from younger people can help ease premiums and out-of-pocket costs for enrollees, one Obamacare activist said.