More Uninsured Will Resist Obamacare This Year

Next year, 35 percent of uninsured people would rather pay the upped fine for not having health insurance than buy Obamacare coverage — up 6 points from this time last year, when the penalty was hundreds of dollars lower.

According to a Gallup poll released Thursday, 55 percent of the uninsured said they’re planning on getting coverage in 2015, but 35 percent are fine with just paying the individual mandate’s tax on going uninsured.

In November 2013, just 29 percent of the uninsured said they were willing to pay the $95 fine in 2014 for remaining uninsured. But in 2015, the uninsurance penalty jumps to $325 — and increases even more in future years.

The Obama administration is insistent that the individual mandate is a vital part of the Affordable Care Act, but widespread exemptions during Obamacare’s first year in action resulted in a very small proportion of the uninsured actually paying the tax.