More Obamacare Workers Reveal They Were Paid To Do Nothing

More workers hired to process Obamacare applications are revealing how they’ve been filling their days sleeping, playing board games, reading, or fighting with each other on many days when there was little or no work.

“I walk out every day feeling as if I have contributed nothing,” a worker from the London, Ky., Serco facility told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Thursday.

A former worker at a processing center in Wentzville, Mo., processing facility, Lavonne Takatz, said she and other workers played games or slept because there was nothing for them to do. She and other workers said company and government supervisors knew they were being paid to do little or no work at all.

“We played Pictionary. We played 20 Questions. We played Trivial Pursuit,” said Takatz, who worked at Serco’s Wentzville center from October through April.

In some cases, the boredom led to gossiping and fights, former employees said. Monica Colvin, who worked in Wentzville’s facility until January, said co-workers pushed her and unplugged her computer, and eventually she she had to visit a doctor for anxiety and depression.