Missouri Waitress Fired for Labeling Customers ‘Black Couple’ on Restaurant Receipt

A Missouri waitress who described two of her customers as “black couple” on a restaurant receipt is now reportedly out of a job.

Kimberli Wilson said she noticed the description when she and a friend were dining at Patrick’s Westport Grill in Maryland Heights on July 18, a local Fox affiliate reported.

“I was frustrated,” Ms. Wilson told the station. “I was angry. I was thinking, ‘Really? Are we still doing this in 2015?’ “

The waitress, who was fired, said she used the label to help remember her table numbers, a local ABC affiliate reported.

“She could have said first table, table at front door, man with coral shirt,” Ms. Wilson said. “There are so many other options that she could have chosen other than that. That’s unacceptable.”