Minnesota Man Tells State Obamacare Exchange Its Glitches Killed His Wife

An erstwhile Minnesota Obamacare customer told a state panel Tuesday that a flub with the state’s exchange over his late wife’s health insurance ultimately killed her.

“Absolutely,” Charlie Dunker told a state House committee, the Associated Press reports. “She’d be here today if it wasn’t for MNsure.”

Dunker’s wife, Gail Dunker, died of cancer earlier this year. The Dunkers canceled their private insurance plan after signing up at MNsure, the state-run Obamacare exchange, where they were told that they’d pay nothing in monthly premiums after subsidies. After learning that Gail was ill, however, the Dunkers were told that they didn’t have coverage after all.

“Because Gail didn’t fill out the form they wanted, they let her die,” Dunker told the panel. “Plain and simple.”

“The cancer she had was treatable. They told us that at the Mayo [Clinic],” Dunker said. “They said, ‘If she had been here when this first came up…this cancer is very treatable.’”