Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program: $4 Million of Food Thrown in Trash Each Day

“We don’t want to have the most nutritious waste basket in the state or the country.”

An investigative report by a Cincinnati TV station finds that the government’s new school lunch requirements championed by First Lady Michelle Obama are wasting $4 million a day in discarded food that children won’t eat.

The National School Lunch Program feeds upwards to 31 million American students a day, spending nearly $12 billion annually, but many of those children are throwing away the vegetables, fruits, and snacks forced on them by the new federal nutrition standards.

A new Harvard study of the program, WCPO Channel 9 reported, “shows that 60 percent of fresh vegetables and 40 percent of fresh fruit are being thrown away.”

“And a recent study released by the National School Nutrition Association found 81.2 percent of schools surveyed indicated an increase in the amount of food being thrown away by students since the new nutrition standards went into effect two years ago,” the televised report continued.

Nearly 600 school districts have already dropped out of the First Lady’s lunch program, Fort Thomas Independent Schools in Northern Kentucky being one of them.