Michelle Obama’s Food Edicts are Not the Law

First Ladies should be rarely seen and not often heard. First Ladies were not elected to office. Their pet projects are at our expense. If they want to go around the country as private citizens and help people, I don’t any problem with that. But please stop them from acting as acting as agents of the government.

Michelle Obama wants children to eat better. There is enough information available to make it happen. We don’t need her to impose her food views on the rest of us.

Instead, she has been involved in getting laws written to outlaw certain foods in government schools.

I’m sorry, but it’s none of her business or the business of the government. But wait. We’ve turned our children over to the educrats who teach nearly 95 percent of American school students in the ways of the welfare State.

Why is anybody surprised that the educrats would make laws about what children should eat?