Michelle Obama Taps Dems Worried About Poor/Hungry at $10,000 Per Person Fund Raiser

Students and parents across the country are rebelling against unelected, non nutritionist Michelle Obama’s Hunger Free Kids Act, complaining about the school lunch program’s mandated school lunch offerings. Lacking kids’ favorite foods–pizza, which does have calcium–while loaded with kids’ least favorite–broccoli for instance which also has some calcium and other good stuff–kids are refusing to eat the skimpy but presumably oh so healthy offerings and parents are joining their children’s complaints.

But Michelle (and her husband) plow ahead, eating more than organically grown dark greens with other well heeled folks, all the while decrying income disparity, poverty and of course promoting healthy food.

A week after her famed fund raiser husband hit up Chicagoans able to pay $50,000 to endorse an incumbent Democratic governor presiding over the state of Illinois, that is broke, losing jobs and is suffering from high unemployment, Michelle Obama added to her carbon footprint by flying into the state to do the same.