Mexico, Interested in US Gun Control, Pushes International Arms Treaty

The first annual meeting of the nations that have ratified the 2014 Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) opened on Monday, August 24 at a spa in Cancún, Mexico. The treaty’s been controversial in the U.S. from the moment negotiations on it began, and this meeting will surely stoke the suspicions of those who think the treaty’s real aim is to crimp America’s sovereignty and constitutional liberties.

The meeting was originally supposed to be in Mexico City, but wouldn’t you rather spend your off-hours by the pool?

Of course, you may think it’s weird, or sick, that all these nations pretend to believe that the best place to discuss the arms trade is at a seaside resort. After all, many of them spend all their time pleading poverty and demanding aid from the U.S. to implement the treaty.

But frankly, they don’t care how bad it looks. They’ve got a great boondoggle going, and no one’s going to spoil it for them.

But everyone’s going to Mexico not  just because it’s got great beaches. Mexico has  been one of the leading campaigners for the ATT. It wants to use the treaty to promote gun control in the U.S.