Men’s Magazine Uses Ink Infused With HIV-Positive Blood For ‘#HIVHEROES’ Issue

A recent issue of a “progressive men’s magazine” was printed using the blood of HIV-positive people in hopes of countering the stigma against the disease.

The Austrian magazine Vangardist printed 3,000 special edition copies of its magazine using ink infused with HIV-positive blood. The blood came from three HIV-positive individuals: a gay male, a straight male, and a mother. The “#HIVHEROES” issue of the magazine includes interviews with the individuals who donated the blood as well as people who are fighting to end the stigma against HIV.

The magazine assures handling the copies made with blood are “100% safe” and that the disease is not transmissible through the ink.

Despite maintaining the copies are safe, the issues are reportedly packaged in a plastic bag for legal reasons. According to CBS News, the seal also allegedly contains a disclaimer, stating that buyers waive any right to claim damages in relation to the campaign against Vangardist or Saatchi & Saatchi, the advertising agency that helped the magazine with “#HIVHEROES.”