Medicare Seniors Like ObamaCare’s Team Approach

As the U.S. health care system moves away from fee-for-service medicine to more accountable care that uses a teamof health professionals, seniors covered by Medicare say they are okay with these new models that include nurses, social workers and other allied health professionals in the front lines of their treatment, according to a new analysis.

Increasingly, the Medicare health insurance program for the elderly as part of the Affordable Care Act is moving to a system that rewards doctors and hospitals for working together to improve care. By contracting with entities known as accountable care organizations and patient-centered medical homes, the providers use a team TISI +0.26% approach that can involve lower cost providers and allied health professionals to provide seniors with more attention while at the same time keeping them healthy and out of more expensive care settings.

A new national survey of adults 65 and older from the John A. Hartford Foundation about “team care and the medical home” shows 27 percent say they get this kind of care right now, they like it and it has improved their health.  The openness to new models debunks theories by some in health care who think patients only want to see a doctor for all their health care needs.