Medical Kidnapping on Rise Thanks to Obamacare

I’ve reported in the past about several cases of child kidnapping by medical officials. Perhaps one of the most notable was the case of Justina Pelletier who was kidnapped and held against her parents’ will for 16 torturous months. Justina had been previously diagnosed with a mitochondrial disease. She was being successfully treated and was leading an active and normal life of a 15 year old teenage girl.

However, doctors at Boston’s Children’s Hospital took it upon themselves to disagree with the earlier diagnosis and treatment. They said that she did not have a mitochondrial disease, but what she had was a mental illness known as samatoform disease. When Justina’s parents disagreed with them, they suddenly assumed custody of the teenager. Justina’s parents were only allowed to visit their daughter for one hour a week and that had to be supervised. After one year of care under the Boston Children’s Hospital, Justina had deteriorated to being paralyzed from the waist down, her speech had slurred and she had trouble swallowing to the degree that her parents feared she would choke to death. These are all symptomatic of the mitochondrial disease she had been previously treated for. After 16 grueling months and numerous court hearings, her parents were finally able to regain custody of Justina and take her home.

Don’t think these are rare and isolated occurrences. Under the oppressive socialist rules and regulations of Obamacare, the kidnapping of children is becoming more common than once thought possible.

I just heard about the case of four-month old Kathryn Blalock who was physicaly snatched from the arms of her mother by CPS and staff at UMB Children’s Hospital in Lubbock, Texas.