Medical Journal Piece: Hobby Lobby Decision Leaves Too Much in the Air

An opinion piece published Friday in the Journal of the American Medical Association argues the Supreme Court’s willingness to defend “corporate personhood” — exemplified in its Hobby Lobby decision on birth control and company health plans — is “becoming a major impediment to public health regulation.”

A divided court ruled last month that closely held corporations do not have to insure birth control if it violates their moral beliefs, even though a rule tied to Obamacare mandated employers to cover 20 FDA-approved contraceptives at no cost to female employees.

The all-male majority relied on a 1993 religious-freedom law to decide the government’s mandate was too much of a burden and that women could obtain contraceptives through other means.

Democrats have vowed to reverse the ruling legislatively, saying it an attack on women’s health, while opponents of the mandate said the decision was a win for religious liberty.