Medical Expert: ‘The Power Of The Doctor Is Becoming Subsumed By The Government’

As America hears of more doctors leaving the profession, the head of a patient-centered national health care organization based in St. Paul, Minnesota, sees both political parties in Washington making matters worse.

“Huge things are happening under the surface that people don’t understand,” says Twila Brase, a public health nurse and the founder of the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom in this 33 minute video interview with The Daily Caller. “The power of the doctor is becoming subsumed by the government.”

America is moving, from Brase’s perspective, from the charitable human “mission of medicine” to a cold, sterile “business of health care.” Doctors face increasing “ethical dilemmas” as their Hippocratic Oath requires them to do no harm to their patient and keep confidence.

Yet, she says government mandates are requiring doctors to breach confidences, surrender private information to outsiders and seek approval for treatment choices in order to be reimbursed. The third party of government is replacing the third party influence of insurers with a pernicious influence, Brase says.