Medical Costs Drive Record High Number of Americans to Delay Treatment

One in three Americans has delayed seeking medical treatment due to its high cost, according to a recent Gallup poll. This marks the highest percentage ever recorded in the 14-year history of the survey question.

Despite President Obama’s dream of providing affordable health care coverage for all, fewer and fewer Americans are able to get the coverage they need.

“Last year, many hoped that the opening of the government healthcare exchanges and the resulting increase in the number of Americans with health insurance would enable more people to seek medical treatment. But, despite a drop in the uninsured rate, a slightly higher percentage of Americans than in previous years report having put off medical treatment, suggesting that the Affordable Care Act has not immediately affected this measure.”

Even Upper-class Americans (those making more than $75K) were deterred by health care costs. Between 2013 and this year, there was an 11 percent increase in treatment delay among wealthier Americans.