McDonough: Obama’s Going to Get Heroin Epidemic ‘Back in the Box’

“We are seeing an epidemic of heroin and opioid abuse in this country,” White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said on Sunday. “The president’s going to get that back in the box,” he told ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopolous.

He said the same thing on “Fox News Sunday,” but did not give details on either show about how the president plans to address the nation’s heroin epidemic.

The topic came up on several of the Sunday shows when McDonough was asked dabout actor Sean Penn’s interview with Mexican drug lord El Chapo in October. Penn interviewed El Chapo after he broke out of a Mexican prison, and now Penn himself reportedly is under investigation.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked McDonough if he had read Penn’s interview with El Chapo.

“I have not read the interview, but I have read a lot of the coverage of the interview. And one thing I will tell you is that this braggadocios action about how much heroin he sends around the world, including to the United States, is maddening,” McDonough said.